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QC Dots® Cancer Array (CA) control slides



Product description

QC Dots Cancer Array (CA) control slides are blank charged microscopic slides pre-spotted with the selected tumor and normal cells. Those control cell spots provide on slide positive/negative control staining of the antibody used in the experiment. QC Dots® CA slide is designed for routine use in immunohistochemistry (IHC) and In Situ Hybridization (ISH) applications. Simply mount a tissue sample next to the cell dots and perform all the staining procedure with control cell dots. The IHC staining patterns of 141 commonly used diagnostic biomarkers has been validated with QC Dots Cancer Array (CA) control slides. The validated staining patterns on 9 types of control cells are summarized table 1 and can be used as reference results to ensure validity of experimental result of tissue.

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Use and Storage instruction

Nine QC Dots® are located in the bracketed area. The cells are formalin-fixed and paraffin-embedded. Simply mount a tissue section next to the cell dots and perform all IHC or ISH procedures as usual. The tissue specimen and the control cell dots can be analyzed side-by-side easily.
Slides have a guaranteed shelf life of at least 12 months when stored at 2-8°C.

Order Information

SKU # Product Name Size Price (USD)   
QC CA-001  QC Dots Cancer Array (CA) Control Slides Trial Pack 5 slides $49.00  
QC CA-010  QC Dots Cancer Array (CA) Control Slides Standard Pack 25 slides $238.00  
QC CA-50  QC Dots Cancer Array (CA) Control Slides Value Pack 50 slides $466.00  
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